WARPtv presenta: The Killers




The one and only Sarah Lewitinn (aka Ultragrrrl) wrote a fantastic essay for our friends at Stereogum about the very early days of The Killers to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the group’s debut Hot Fuss. Sarah chronicles when she first heard the group and encouraged Rob Stevenson, an A&R for Island Def Jam, to sign the Las Vegas five.

It’s such a great read. Sarah’s story reminds me of the early blogging days. You know, the pre-Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/YouTube era, when word about new music spread through our fiercely maintained blog rolls. We all clamored for the next big thing and The Killers is one of the first bands that I feel really rose up from the blogs.

While reading Sarah’s article, I now also realize that she’s the one I have to thank for my last big pop-rock crush. I scoured Killers message boards night after night looking for early demos, bootleg recordings and connect with other fans. I flew to Berlin, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles to see the band perform. For me it was Duran Duran fever all over again.

I even scored a phone interview with “foppish and fey” frontman Brandon Flowers for Genre Magazine (that I was the music editor for at the time) to quiz him about his love for the Pet Shop Boys, wearing eye liner and his gay fans. 

I finally ended up meeting The Killers in person for the first time backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami back in 2004 when the group hit the mainstream and started winning awards. Things came full circle last year when I saw the group play Paradiso in Amsterdam the night prior to the MTV European Music Awards. Many great memories about a great band.  I’ll be rooting for The Killers always. 



The Killers…when did I know that was something special? I guess when we got into a room together for the first time. They needed some help, but you could see that there was some magic. We hit it off as friends first- they just needed a drummer that could hang, you know? I told them, ‘Look, if we’re going to do this, let’s really do this.’ I was jaded being in bands where there was always one guy not really into it, bringing everyone down. I said, ‘Let’s not waste anybody’s time.’ We all had that mindset: We’re going to rule the world. This was our mindset and mentality, in the garage every single day, learning how to play together, writing songs. And we’re still in that garage.” —Ronnie Vannucci, December 2005